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●China Meteorological Administration
The training group to UK, dispatched by China Meteorological Administration, has completed training program successfully, and returned back to China. At the briefing on 21st of August, Mr. Qin Dahe, chief of China Meteorological Administration, gave a higher evaluation to the performance and learning of trainees. We are a;; encouraged for this. Mr Qin said, “One part of the reasons to have achieved better results is that Hyde, as an international training company, has done a good job. I personally think that Hyde has done a lot of work in implementing the program. In addition, Hyde did facilitate us and provide us with effective assistance during our stay in UK, and problems occurred during the period of training had been solved. This enabled us to have completed the training program satisfactorily. Here, I represent all members of training group to express my heartfelt thanks to you!”
●The State Investment Commission of China
We appreciate Hyde and Northumbria University to have carefully arranged the training, inspection, as well as accommodation for our training group. This ensured that the training has achieved the intended purpose. All members of the training group agreed that through study tours, they have broadened their visions, learned the advanced managerial experiences in the developed country, as well as benefited a lot from the study tour.
●Transportation Office of Highway Division, the Ministry of Transportation of China
Trainees have broadened their visions and learned the advanced experiences during the period of training in Northumbria University. In particular, the United Kingdom carried out the operation of public passenger transport in order to focus on the quality of service. The operation of market supervision between the administrative departments and transportation enterprises has important referential significance to our country.
●China Children’s Center
The delegation members of China Children’s Center did research on early childhood care and education development in the area of certification during their short stay in UK. This has provided us useful reference and learning for improving the quality assurance and accreditation of early development of Chinese children, and has played a significant role of intelligence import for opening up the assurance and certification system of Chinese citizens. This will improve the life quality of all mankind and will be conducive to improving and realizing the modern system of human rights.
●The Restructuring Office of the State Council of China
The training in Northumbria University has provided us the information of evolution history, the current situation, the effective managerial institutions and its method on application policy of government public car in UK. We believe that this will be a very useful reference for our future work.
●Workers Foreign Exchange Center of China National Federation of Trade Union
During the training period, everyone has learned not only the professional Knowledge, but also has broadened our visions; enriched the theory and the perceptual knowledge, because of hard work of Hyde and meticulous arrangement. We believe that this training will have positive impact to our future work in development of trade union.
●Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Shandong Province
The campus of the university is beautiful. With modern teaching facilities, and warm and friendly teachers the university has left unforgettable experiences in the university. I am so proud of ever being a student in Northumbria University.
●Education Burea of Hubei University
The program of China Program Management Center of Northumbria University has been implemented very successful. It has become a bridge and bond of the exchanges of Sino British education, culture and science.
●All-China Women's Federation
The sense of responsibility and coordination of the training institution is the key to fully implement the program, which should be encouraged and commended.From the first meeting between our leaders and Hyde, to the implementation of the program in UK, it showed that Hyde represented a strong sense of responsibility and sincere sense of service.While discussing the details of the training, Hyde has arranged the curriculum strictly in accordance with the requirement of the trainees and the training topics of China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, and comply with the requirement of curriculum. The brightest spot of the training is that this had enabled our training program in UK implemented step by step.The serious and responsible attitude and the high level teaching effect of the professors is the most excellent among the past overseas trainings.It have been praised by the trainees.All trainees agreed that Hyde is the service agency of highlighting the social benefits and possessing the brand service awareness. It is recommended that Hyde ought to be commended by China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. In addition, the experiences of overseas training must summed up frequently. The exchange program is to be upgraded, to enable the organizing overseas training innovated and developed constantly.

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