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General knowledge
General knowledge 
●Time difference
“Greenwich Mean Time",  is not only British standard time, but also the reference standards of the time around the world.  The standard time difference between Britain and China is 8 hours, i.e., the local time of UK is 8 hours slow than Beijing time, China.  UK practices Daylight Saving Time ((i.e., more than 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time).  It starts from the end of March to the end of October every year.  Therefore, during Daylight Saving Time, the time difference between the two countries is 7 hours.  E.g., 12:00 of London time is 19:00 of Beijing time.   Winter time difference between the two countries is 8 hours.  E.g., Beijing time is 19:00  in the evening, London time is 11:00 in the morning. 
 ●Britain’s climate characteristics and clothing
Due to the influence of high latitudes in UK, the change in the length of day and night is particularly evident.  It is short at day time and long at night time in winter.  Days have been dimming when it is nearly 3 o’clock pm in winter.  It is long at day time and short at night in summer.  Nightfall starts when it is over 10 o’clock at night. 
UK belongs to the temperate maritime climate.  The average temperature in January is 4~7℃ and the average temperature in July and August is 13~17℃.  It has heavy fogy days in UK.In summer it has thin mist in the clear sky, and heavy foggy days in winter.
You may bring light clothes—clothes of spring and autumn.  A formal suit is needed and two sets of casual clothes are needed during the period of training.   Don’t forget to bring an umbrella with you!  
●Items to be carried
Valid documents: authorized paper approved by Chinese government, air-ticket and its copy, passport and its copy, visa and its copy, invitation  letter, 3 passport-size photographs (retroactive use in case passport is lost). 
Gifts, pen and paper.
Daily necessities: Toiletries, hygiene products, razors, nail clippers, sewing kits, hair-dryer, travel iron and umbrellas.  Cameras or video cameras, conversion socket, charger, business cards, and commonly used medicine. 
Phone cards (0086 is the area code of China.  An average of 3.20 yuan/minute).  You need to bring clothes, shoes and slippers.  UK is a nation that people pay attention to the appearance.  For a man, you may bring one suit or two sets of suits.  For a lady, you may bring professional suits. Skirts that not too thin is needed.  You may wear trousers if no thick skirt is available. 
You need to fill in Immigration form.  You may get it from the aircraft attendant. 
When you go through customs, and if customs officials make difficult for you, ask them to contact the local reception unit of the group.  Before the customs officials contact the local reception unit, you must not be frightened by a few unfriendly officials and agree to return back to China. 
Please do not bring food, fruits, and any prohibited items through Customs. 
Duty-free goods: 200 cigarettes (one carton); two liters of wine; one liter of alcoholic beverages; 66cc  presume ; 250cc bath perfume;   commercial goods valued at up to 32 pounds.Cash: generally cash £5,000.
For the needs of anti-terrorism, you can not carry any gels and liquid  cosmetics, such as, hair spray, shampoo and so on. 
●British weather and dress
The average temperature in August is 13 to 17°ºC, so you do not need clothes of too thick and heavy or too light and thin.  Clothes of spring and autumn is ok.  One formal suit is needed for the program of training and inspection.
●When the schedule is confirmed, it cannot be changed.  You must get approval from the organizer of the program if you want to  change the schedule. 
You must attend the training and public service activities on time and wear suit. 
You should respect the work of the lecturers.  You should maintain a good state of spirit.  Sleepy and absent-minded are not allowed.  You may actively raise questions to activate the atmosphere of class. 
●Notes by airplane 
The checked in baggage may not be exceeded 20kg on the airway of KLM; 23kg on the British Airways.  The fruit knife, scissors and nail clippers can only be carried by way of check in. 
Cash is not allowed in the baggage by way of check in.  If you break the law, cash must be confiscated. 
Be careful about your baggage.   You should not carry baggage for strangers. 
●Notes of travel by vehicles: 
There are strict requirements on working hours of drivers and vehicles.  In European vehicles companies – the working hours are 8 hours to 10 hours.  Overtime is paid.   Please memory the number of the vehicles and the telephone numbers of the liaison. 
Your passport and cash must be with you all the time during the period of travel.  Please do not put them into your handbags; do not put them in large suitcases; do not put them in hotels.  Keep your personal belongs properly during the period of travel.  You had better put cash separately, in order to prevent them from being robbed or stolen.
●Notes in hotels:
You must control yourselves.  When you speak to somebody in public places, please be with soften voice.  Keep quiet from the time of 23:00 to 9:00, and do not disturb your neighbors.  
Requirement of firefighting and the control of fume – smoking in public places is prohibited. 
For the reason of environment protection, hotels do not provide disposable wash supplies. 
It is very expensive to make phone calls in hotels.  It is suggested that you buy phone card as soon as you arrived in UK.
IC cards bought in China is Chinese prompts. 
Hotels provide boiling water and services of carrying luggage.  You may ask bellboy for help, but you need to give tips. 
You should pay for the [pay TV program]. 
Everyone keep the name card of the hotels.  You may take a taxi to come back to hotel in case emergency happened. 

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