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Training features

Advantage of training

●Advantage of university

Northumbria University is made up of 11 famous schools.  The history of some schools may trace back to the year 1850.  Over 500 kinds of course are arranged in Northumbria University.  A reasonable curriculum and excellent teaching quality are warmly welcomed by students of domestic and overseas.  The English language course for international students is arranged in accordance with the English level of students. 

●Advantage of teachers 

Northumbria University has high quality teachers and wind range of social resources.  1059 professors, associate professors and lecturers may offer different courses in accordance with different needs of the students.  The university has extensive social relations.  With long term cooperation with large and medium sized enterprises, social entities and  associations of UK, the university may offer professional courses for trainees coming from China. 

●Advantage of teaching

The university is known for its practical teaching.  Many professional courses are offered by part time senior professors with rich teaching experiences.  The actual needs of society can be integrated into teaching. 

Type of instruction: case teaching; classical teaching; actual teaching, etc.  Take civil construction management as an example, professors may offer teaching course at site.


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