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Training features

Training features
Beijing Hyde United Communications Technology Co., Ltd. provides the program of “knowledge standardization personalized service” for government departments and Institutions, i.e., to impart knowledge using standardized and authorized teaching materials.  We adopt a flexible teaching method and provide personalized support services according to the needs of different organizations, enterprises and institutions, as well as the actual situations.  


We collect fees according to the standards stipulated by China State Administra-tion of Foreign Experts Affairs.  We provide classes, free online Q & A, free seminars, club activities, free library access and other value-added services. 


Customized training – we provide the most suitable training methods and materials against the needs of government, enterprises and institutions. 


The followings can be flexibly selected: class time, location, way of learning, content of training, supporting services, etc.  


The training content is integrated with international standard - very useful and effective.  It helps to improve the international competitiveness of management staff at all levels.  We do tracking, evaluation and pay a return visit.  If it is necessary, we adjust the training program to ensure a satisfactory training results.


Through training, trainees have learned knowledge of the language, and improved communication skills.  The potentiality has been fully tapped and the working capability and efficiency have been fully improved.  Everybody has been leaped forward from “difficult to learn” to “able to learn”, then to “knows how to learn”.





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