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Chinese characters  is not only a language, but a tool for transmitting information.  There is a profound ideological and cultural connotation behind the language.   Each word is like a picture.  It describes the most extensive and most profound truth, and conveys the information between heaven and earth.   It is not only a generally spoken and written language, but a symbol of wisdom.  You can only be amazed when you understand it!

Chinese medicine is an inheritance of several thousand years of medical treatment.  With its unique medical theories, medical methods and excellent efficacy, it is deeply loved by Chinese people, and influenced extensively in Southeast Asia.  Chinese medicine focuses
mostly on disease prevention.  It pays attention to regimen.  Their regimen runs through people’s clothing, food, shelter and controlling transportation.  It is greatly benefited on Chinese people.  Regarding the treatment, it has a unique means of today’s tincurable diseases.  Its approach is the most comprehensive determined by the specific conditions.  Its medical theoretical system is different from the western theoretical system.  It emphasized greatly on the unity of human being and nature.  Its use of the treatment method is still permeated with the unique philosophical thinking.  Therefore, the study of Chinese medicine is not only the treatment method, the most important is to learn how to prevent disease, and to achieve physical health through the psychological adjustment.

Chinese traditional culture is extensive and profound.  Such as China’s Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism ideology thinkers’ theory, Sun Tzu have been respected by modern businessmen and scholars.  China’s drama, martial arts, paining, calligraphy, catering, etc. are enriched the cultural connotations. 
So, getting into China, exploring the mysteries of oriental culture, openning your soul’s wisdom, and increasing engergy of your life .


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